Golden Trowel

The Golden Trowel Award can be presented to any living member of a Texas Lodge who has consistently demonstrated outstanding and exemplary service to his respective Lodge through any one or combinations of Masonic and community service.


Recipients of the Golden Trowel from New Braunfels Lodge #1109:

1991: Elmer Kettler

1993: Leonard Kramer

1995: Perkins McClendon

1998: Wayne Gallion

1999: Virgin W. Gaskins

2000: William Gaston Parsons

2001: Glyn H. Goff

2002: Harold R. Longmire

2003: Daniel Edward Dean

2004: Daniel M. Hutchinson, Jr.

2005: William R. Markins

2006: Melvin M. Jochec

2007: Rueben L. Kelm

2008: M.J. Borchers

2009: Louis E. Pape

2010: J.R. "Bob" Holder

2010: Riley C. Miller

2011: D'Wayne Bolton

2012: William D. Morgan, Jr.

2013: Rennie Guenther

2014: Dan Coburn


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